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She Moves & Flows

A transformative 3-month programme designed for women over 50 who want to age on their own terms

Live the life of your dreams

Unleash the true power of your body to age pain-free with limitless energy and confidence. Become totally unstoppable, and live the life of your wildest dreams!

Exercise can be a daunting journey, especially when past experiences have left you feeling burnt out, injured, or confused. Whether it's perimenopausal challenges, persistent injuries, or medical conditions like osteoporosis, exercise is the key to living life to the full.


Picture this...

A complete blueprint for toning your body, enhancing mobility, and preventing injuries

Aging on your own terms, maintaining physical and mental vigor

Excelling in your favorite sports, thanks to restored joint strength

Fitting daily exercise into your busy life, brimming with confidence & energy

Trusting your body to move gracefully, pain-free, no matter your age

all from the comfort of your own home

Get immediate access to the program!


$1,997 USD


$697 USD

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Your Fitness & Movement Cach

With over a decade of experience, I specialize in making exercise enjoyable, practical, and safe.

My clients become strong, agile, and resilient, regardless of age. They say goodbye to old injuries, embrace adventure, and reclaim their vitality.

My secret? A focus on mobility and safe intensity. Strengthening your muscles is crucial, but it means little without healthy joints. Daily mobility exercises can make aches vanish in days. Combined with smart intensity adjustments, you'll become unstoppable too.


Cover everything from legs and core to upper body, hips, knees, and neck over six progressive modules. You'll finish strong and agile, ready for new challenges.


Legs & Lower Back

Starting from the basics and the fundamentals, this module is all about mobilising and strengthening the hips, lower back and core. These are often the tightest areas I see in clients and a great place to start. 


Upper Body

Women often struggle with upper body strength. This module will get you strong, mobile and toned in your arms, shoulders, chest and back, with gentle conditioning in the abs and glutes too.


Neck, Spine, Upper Back

This module is all about freeing the spine so that it moves fluidly and building a strong core to protect it. Say goodbye to tweaking your lower back! If your neck and upper back need some love, they will get plenty here. Say hello to beautiful posture.


Hips & Upper Back

The movements in this module are focused on even deeper hip work and strengthening the glutes - an integral part of your core. We will work on mobilising the upper back which will improve your posture.


Hips, Knees, Ankles

This module is all about the legs. Mobilising and fixing issues in the hips, knees and ankles whilte strengthening and stretching all your leg muscles. I will make you fall in love with squats and lunges.


Whole Body

You will now put all the skills together in the final module and learn the Turkish Get Up - an amazing movement that will get you from lying down to standing using a series of cool moves. It will challenge your body but you will be ready for it!

Benefit from my tried and tested methods


Free your body from stiffness and pain, improving posture.


Combine movements into a fluid flow, improving agility.


Strengthen your entire body safely with bodyweight exercises.


Keep your muscles flexible to prevent future injuries.

What you’re getting is beyond value; it’s the promise of a vibrant, pain-free life. This program is your blueprint for energy levels people half your age don’t experience. Join today, and let’s unleash the power within you!

Daily recorded digital training

Enjoy life-time access to your daily 10 minute training sessions on a world class online portal from any device, on the web or on an app.

The training content is divided into a Movement Library (over 120 exercises recorded with detailed coaching instructions and modifications to suit any level of skill and ability). Once you master the movements, use the 'Follow Me' videos for more streamlined and faster training sessions.


Fortnightly group coaching calls

Never again question if you are doing all the exercises right. On these coaching calls, I will personally assess your technique or help you work around any injuries and limitations you might have. 

I will help you further modify exercises to suit YOU and your body. And you will get all your biggest burning questions answered. If you can't make the call, you can submit your question or query beforehand and I will answer it on the call. You can then watch the recording as all calls are run on Zoom, recorded, and uploaded onto the portal within 24 hours.

Dedicated Facebook group

Have you fallen off the the exercise wagon in the past? Started with a hiss and a roar and after a few weeks, stopped exercising?

I understand it is not always easy to keep up the motivation on your own and that is why I opened an exclusive, members-only Facebook group so you can get that extra motivation and accountability between the coaching calls. You can ask questions, share your wins, and meet the other amazing women going through the program with you. You never know, you might make a friend for life.

Plus - Bonus Material!

Private strategy session & movement check

In this 60 minute call, we will chat about your goals , aspirations and discuss any injuries or limitations that might hinder your transformations. I can help you with scheduling your training sessions and how you fit your training around your existing sports and activities. If it's needed, we can do a movement check and see how your body moves so we can personalise the program to suit you, your body and your goals.

VALUE: $397

Bonus training material - kettlebells & weights

In these bonus videos, I will show you how to increase your upper body strength by using a dumbbell or a kettlebell and pressing it overhead. I will also teach you how to take the Turkish Get Up from module 6 and learn it with a dumbbell or a kettlebell. This will make you stronger all over! 

VALUE: $997

Food guide PDF with easy & healthy recipes

An active body needs quality fuel. I have put together a 10 page booklet where I simplify information about  macronutrients. I understand that meal prep whilst you are busy can be challenging so I compiled easy and fast recipes for you to try with minimal preparation. These recipes work for me and I run 2 businesses and solo parent three children :)

VALUE: $97


Training with Jana is so empowering. Every time I learn something new about my body and my ability to move!



"I cannot recommend Jana more highly. You won't be disappointed"

I had assumed that bodyweight and mobility work would be easy but I found it wonderfully challenging and enriching. It's amazing how much our bodies need to re-learn and mobility training is the perfect antidote to the aches and pains that we tend to take for granted as a natural and acceptable part of ageing. 



"This program is exactly what I wanted - simple movements but effective!"

I joined Jana's mobility program when I realized I was approaching 40 and wanted to move with more ease and increase my fitness. I am no fan of traditional gyms or hard exercise, . Jana's coaching style is gentle and I love that she focuses on getting movements right and building on it. Highly recommend it.


A recap of what's included:

Pre-recorded Online Training Sessions: Value $4,997

Online movement library with over 120 exercises: Value $2,997

Weekly Group Coaching Calls (12 in total): Value $5,997

Strategy Call & Movement Screen Call: Value $397

Bonus Training: Value $997

Access to an exclusive Facebook Group: Value $997

Total Value: $ 19,379

Choose your option and get immediate access to the program!


$1,997 USD


$697 USD

  • How will the program be delivered?
    After you go through the check out page, you will instantly be emailed a link to my Kajabi online portal where all of the videos are uploaded. You will get a life-time access to all of this training. Kajabi also has an app so all the content is accessible on any device. You will have access to 21 pre-recorded videos with detailed coaching instructions.
  • What equipment do I need? And how much space?
    All you need is your beautiful body and a space the size of a yoga mat. Nothing else! All movements in the UNSTOPPABLE program are bodyweight meaning no need for fancy equipment and learning to work with new fitness tools. Bodyweight exercises are potent and will get you fit in a functional way, mimicking every day movements and getting you strong for life.
  • Who is this program for?
    This program is for you if you want to be strong, toned, have good mobility and flexibility, oodles of energy and confidence in your body so that you can confidently navigate ageing and menopause. This is for you if you want to avoid and prevent the aches, pains, injuries and functional and cognitive decline that often comes with ageing. This is for you if you desire to have a life-long daily exercise habit so you can live your life to the fullest, regardless of your age. But most importantly, this program is for women who are ready to invest in themselves, their health and well-being and their future so they can live their best lives regardless of their age.
  • What makes you the right coach for me?
    I'm thrilled you asked! I have been coaching for almost a decade. My youngest client was 14 and the oldest 72! I have coached a huge range of women (and men) from professional athletes to stay at home mums, women post surgeries and with many medical and health conditions. In the recent years I have started really specialising in coaching women between 45-65 (but if you are older or younger, know that I can help you too). I find that women of this age are often misunderstood and ignored by health & fitness professionals who often have no clue how to effectively coach while talking into account the unique physiological, psychological and emotional needs of women as they are moving through peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. I hold a number of prestigious fitness certifications and I closely follow the latest science and research on health & fitness. And remember, I also live in a peri-menopausal body (I'm 46 now)!
  • I struggle with motivation, how am I going to stick with it?
    If you have given up on exercise in the past, you are in the right place. It takes 21 days to form a new habit which means that at the end of the program, exercise will be a firm part of your life. You will feel amazing, you will be bursting with energy and this addictive feeling will propel you to keep going. You also know that the alternative to not being strong is a life full of pain, injuries, fractures and loss of independence.
  • Will you help me learn the movements safely? I'm worried I will do it wrong, and hurt myself.
    This is a very valid concern especially if you have some bad experience with injuries while exercising. The training videos contain extensive coaching instructions and also several versions of each movement to suit any level of skill and ability. You will be able to choose the perfect version of each movement to safely challenge yourself, not too little so you don't get stronger but not too much to cause an injury, exhaustion or severe muscle soreness. My goal is for you to feel amazing, energised and super confident after each session and for you to notice gradual but significant improvements in your strength and mobility. We will also catch up every fortnight on coaching calls, or inside the exclusive Facebook group, where you can ask to have your form and technique checked. I'm more than happy to review videos of you exercising and offer my coaching expertise to help you with any movement you might struggle with. My number one priority is that you get incredible results without injuring yourself.
  • I'm super busy; how much time will I need for this program?
    To achieve the best results possible, you need to set aside between 10-20 minutes a day plus time for the coaching calls. The idea behind this program is to get you moving just a little each day. As with anything, the more you put it, the bigger and better the results. If you think this time commitment is too much, the issue is about your priorities. I would encourage you to think about your WHY - why are you doing this program, what will your life be like if you are strong, pain and injury free and have unwavering confidence in your body versus what reality you might be living in if your body is declining rapidly with age. Motivation is a myth, no one has it all the time. Habits, commitment and dedication are what will help you get through the days when you don't feel like moving. Believe me when I tell you that the benefits of daily exercise will reach into every aspect of your life and it is so worth putting the time in.
  • I am very active and do lots of other sport
    That is fantastic! This program is absolutely ideal as a complementary training to the sport or physical activity you love. It will help you with strength, power, agility, stability, mobility and flexibility which will translate to better performance and drastically reduced rate of injuries. Having your body optimally conditioned for your favourite sport will allow you to do it for the rest of your life. I don't want you to be the person who says "I used to ..." There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't enjoy being super active well into your golden years.
  • How quickly will I see results?
    If you commit to a daily movement practice, you will notice a difference within a few days. Not only physical changes like more strength, better range of movement and less aches but also changes in your mood, energy and mental well-being. You will feel pretty damn good about yourself, ooze confidence and know that you are setting yourself up for a great future where you will absolutely thrive. The powerful blend of mobility, flows and strength exercise will positively influence every area of your life. Not only the performance in your favourite sport or physical activity but also in the ordinary daily activities like walking down the stairs, Getting up off the floor and doing up your bra. You will also learn all about the art and science of weaving exercise intensity, mixing up gentle days with days when you can push a little. This is super important because exercise that is too intense will put a huge stress on your body and could unbalance your hormones. I want you to always feel energised after your training.
  • What if i'm unfit, injured or already suffering from osteopenia, osteoporosis, arthritis, sarcopenia and other conditions?
    The UNSTOPPABLE program is designed to meet you and your body where you are at right now. Because you chose to have private coaching option, I will personally ensure that you get life-changing results while being completely safe. I will coach many variations of each movement so that you can find the perfect version that challenges you just right. Once you get fitter, stronger and have better mobility, you can choose a more complex version of the movement. Research has proven that you can reverse conditions like osteoporosis with safely challenging, load bearing exercise. With conditions like arthritis, it is crucial that you keep moving otherwise you will loose the mobility and functionality in your body for good. If you are suffering from any medical or health conditions, it would be wise to consult your medical or health practitioner about starting the program and to get a green light. If you wish to chat to me further about this program is right for you, please reach out on
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