The Movement Coach Founder

My fitness journey started after having my three children. My body was de-conditioned and I was repeatedly hurting my back. Within six months of training with a personal trainer, I felt strong, physically and mentally. It amazed me how lifting heavy weights in the gym translated into my daily life - I felt I could literally achieve anything. I decided to qualify as a trainer so I could help more people to feel the same way I did.

I discovered TACFIT through my colleague Craig (who was the first New Zealander to certify in TACFIT). Watching his absolute mastery of movement and swinging tools like clubbells and steel mace hooked me. I quickly realised how smart TACFIT is as a way of human conditioning. I gained TACFIT Field Officer certification in the USA in 2017 under the expertise of the creator of the system Scott Sonnon and the European Director Alberto Galazzi. 

I aim to bring TACFIT to everyday people who would like to tap into their physical, mental and health potential. At a time when we spend long hours sitting at desks and being under huge amounts of stress, I want people to experience a smarter, more sustainable and long term way to look after their body and mind.


For me, TACFIT creates a solid foundation so I can enjoy the things I love; spending quality time with my children, surfing, hiking, swimming and to have the mental toughness and resilience to face life challenges with ease.  

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Qualified Personal Trainer (NZIHF)

  • Certified Tacfit Field Instructor (TACFIT Academy, USA)

  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor (AIK, Australian Institute of Kettlebells, Australia)

  • NZ REPs registered