Jana Barrett
Fitness and Movement Coach
Certified TACFIT Instructor

Movement doesn't have to equal pain. Movement can mean ease, strength, freedom, and joy.
Reclaim the relationship with your body and move with power!

The Movement Code

For the woman who wants to reconnect with her body and honour where she is at each day. This transformational 12-week online program supports you in your journey to a stronger you, body and mind. Ditch the pain and let your vitality soar!


The Midlife Movement

for surfers

For the surfer who wants to have a body that moves well, surfs well and does not hurt. This transformational 12-week online program is your answer to surfing until very old age, without injuries and surgeries. Surf without pain and surf like you used to!


Hi, I'm Jana,
Fitness and Movement Coach

and my coaching philosophy is to
Exercise  Empower  Embody

I help driven, overwhelmed women reconnect with their bodies and move with ease.

Together we build habits to support your evolving body and meet where you are at each day with understanding and support.

Movement is ...

So, something you should probably know about me; I don't really like the word "fitness". 

I know, bizarre, right? A "fitness" coach disowning the word fitness?

I mean, yes, I work out, yes I lead exercise classes, yes I teach fitness approaches. 

BUT, really, it's all about what happens after the class is over.

I want you to be able to wake up each day without tired and stiff hips.

I want you to be able to lift your kids without your lower back punishing you.

I want you to be able to do all the things that light you up! Whether it's travelling,

surfing, or simply the ability to go through your day without pain hindering you.


Movement isn't something that you have to do;
it's something that you get to do!


Jane, 47

I had assumed that bodyweight and mobility work would be easy but I found it wonderfully challenging and enriching. It's amazing how much our bodies need to re-learn and mobility training is the perfect antidote to the aches and pains that we tend to take for granted as a natural and acceptable part of ageing. I cannot recommend Jana more highly. You won't be disappointed.


Donna, 37

It is rare to find an exercise program that has you looking forward to the next workout ... Tacfit program has allowed me to reach my goals, all the while functioning at my best in day to day life.


Jo, 45

Tacfit with Jana has been the best fitness class for me ... and the most rewarding. Tacfit has toned, strengthened and energised me beyond my expectations ... and helped me recover from having a fractured tailbone by building my core strength.


Sonja, 44

As a busy mum I don't have much time for exercise. Working out with Jana has helped me to achieve more strength and flexibility within a short amount of time. My posture and overall mobility have improved so much. I can't recommend Jana highly enough!

These are the types of accomplished, beautiful women
that I attract.
If you want to be a part of this atmosphere of
powerful women, join our private Facebook group
for tips, encouragement, and support
from myself and a collection of powerhouse women.
Movement Coaching is right for you if ...
You feel like you have fallen out of touch with your body
You get frustrated and resent your body when
pains and aches pop up
You want to keep doing all the things you love for years to come
You know you need to change up your exercise routine but don't know how to do it
You're sick of
beefcakes side-glancing you at the gym and gym-splaining exercises to you
You are looking for a workout catered specifically to your body
You are worried about how functional your body will be in 30 years
You want to start enjoying moving again
You have neglected your
physical health and are starting to realise it needs nurturing
You want to wake up excited to start your day; feeling fresh and bursting with vitality
You're looking to exercise just a little bit each day
You want to leave a workout
glowing instead of collapsed on the floor in a heap of pain
You're ready to embrace your potential and inner strength
You yearn to be one of those women that exudes empowerment, confidence and self-belief!

How To Work With Me


On Line

This program is for the woman that is all in! With daily workouts, food and nutrition guides, and abundance of Voxer support and over 120 videos so you can workout whenever it suits YOU.


The Midlife Movement is the transformation you've been looking for. 

In Person

For my fellow Wellingtonians. If you are looking to increase your strength, stamina, mobility and endurance in a nurturing space with other amazing women all working towards a better relationship with yourself. my small group offers is the thing for you. These groups are an intimate space where we can all work together while honouring where each of us is at that day,

If you'd prefer 1:1 coaching, I can do that too.



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