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Jana's training has toned, strengthened and energised me beyond my expectations ... and helped me recover from fractured tailbone by building my core strength.



Jana certainly knows how to plan the perfect workout for my personal goals and well-being. She is attentive, full of energy and keeps me motivated ... I have 100% more strength in my core which has put to rest any back pain I used to get ...I highly recommend these classes to anyone wanting to get fit, loose some pounds and have some fun!               Rich

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As a busy mum I don't have much time for exercise.

Working out with Jana has helped me to achieve more strength and flexibility within a short amount of time.

My posture and overall mobility have improved so much.

I can't recommend Jana highly enough!


I offer private coaching in my studio in Strathmore. Private coaching means that you get to your goals in the fastest and easiest way with personalised and systematic support.

Some of the areas I can help you with:


  • Mobility, injury prevention and rehabilitation so you can move pain free

  • Increasing your functional strength so you can be fit for life and age with confidence

  • Sport specific conditioning so you can get better at the sport you love

  • Functional strength training with tools like kettlebells, clubbells and steel mace so you can unleash your inner warrior.

Many of my local clients choose a hybrid training options - they join one of my online programs and couple it with face to face coaching. This is a fantastic options if you'd prefer to exercise from home, on your own schedule but still want a personalised support. 


Training with Jana has been an invaluable experience. It has enabled me to progress my body awareness and fitness to the next level.

I have seen significant gains in my other forms of training as a direct result of working with Jana and it has enabled me to perform moves I could not do before.

I would highly recommend Jana to anyone, male or female, strong or weak, fit or beginner.



After a few weeks of training with Jana,

I realised why my shoulder had been giving me problems for so long!

Her attentiveness to the way I moved helped me to understand how I can make simple movement changes to prevent further injury and continue to enjoy my sport (rock climbing and mountain biking) for longer



t is rare to find an exercise program that has you looking forward to the next workout ... TacFit program has allowed me to reach my goals, all the while functioning at my best in day to day life.


If you are interested in chatting about whether I can support you with your health and fitness goals, please fill out the form below and I will be personally in touch. 

Thanks for submitting!

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