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A free guide for women over 40 who want to transition from training like men to training and eating in alignment with their hormones so they can experience peak performance, increased vitality and age with strength and confidence

(even if they are already in menopause)

Raise your hand if ...

Are sick and tired of being treated as a small man and given advice that was designed for men and researched on men

You instinctively know that there are parts of the month where you can push hard and parts when you should take it easy but you are not sure why

You are miffed as to why you are not getting the results you should from your training and why things like intermittent fasting and diets don't work for you 

You are already in menopause and you want to know how to eat and train so you can age with strength and confidence and enjoy your life to the fullest

You want to learn how to train for functional strength and fitness without being broken and burnt out by exercise

You want to find out how to align your training and eating to the cyclical nature of your body and the changing hormones of perimenopause and menopause so you can optimise your lifestyle

You want to feel amazing, bursting with energy and enjoy vibrant health and ageing without  any complicated regimes, diets and lifestyle changes

Jana is such a great coach, ensuring that you build your body to last rather than the boom and bust vicious cycle of other trainers that push you into an injury.

I'm now obsessed with functional training and enjoy working with the steel mace.


NZ Ministry of Defence 

It is refreshing to be trained as a middle aged woman and not as a beefy 20 year old male!


Air NZ 

The problem is ...

that traditional fitness styles and diets were developed for MEN not WOMEN. 

Most research is done on ... men.

Most trials, medical and other are done on ... men.

Most diets are tested on ... you guessed it, men! Did you know that to date, there are no studies done on the effects of ketogenic diet on women???

The notion that women are small men has been so prevalent but men run on 24 hour hormonal cycle, women run on 28 day cycle. Even in menopause, women are still cyclical even if they only produce small amounts of hormones.

The research is out there but you have to dig deep and piece it all together so that is why I created a free guide for women over 40 

JANA_BARRETTDSC08218 copy.jpg



As a 50yo Mum of two primary school aged children my exercise plans had been pushed aside by the rush trying to get everyone ready for school and work in the morning and exhaustion in the evening. Early menopause had left my joints aching and whereas previously I'd bounced out of bed in the morning to exercise I'd become tired and sluggish and unable to motivate myself.

Jana's training was just what I needed to get me back into regular exercise. I could train online at home when it suited. I could customise the day's routine based on how I was feeling. 12 weeks on I genuinely feel heaps better - my joints are more mobile, I feel stronger and my muscles are more toned. 



In this free guide, you will learn ...

  • How to design your training schedule to support your hormonal cycle so you get fitter and stronger rather than being broken and burnt out by your exercise

  • What each your hormone needs in terms of nutrition and why knowing this will make meal prep super easy

  • When it is a good time to push hard, in your training and work, and when should you take it easy to avoid bad PMS, worsened menopausal symptoms and other hormonal disturbances

  • How to fast like a girl so you can enjoy the health benefits of fasting without upsetting your delicate hormones

  • How does stress and lack of sleep affect your hormones and why you need to pay attention to this

  • How to eat and train in a cyclical way even when you are already in menopause so you can thrive at this stage of your life

 You are getting 15 pages filled with the latest research and science that was done on WOMEN by women experts.


I have pulled the gold out of many books, podcasts, studies and research and simplified it into practical tips that are dead easy to implement into your lifestyle, tomorrow!

No science jargon, just easy to understand information.

*Spoiler alert - I have condensed all the information within the guide into a one pager with all the most important info so you can put it on your fridge for easy reference. 

As a busy mum I don't have much time for exercise.

Working out with Jana has helped me to achieve more strength and flexibility within a short amount of time.


My posture and overall mobility have improved so much.

I can't recommend Jana highly enough!

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Digital Artist and busy mum of two

I have never felt fitter, stronger and more connected to my body and my well-being journey that I do training with Jana!


Tracy (1).jpg

Clinical herbalist

Hi, if we haven’t met yet 

Hey, I'm Jana 

A Fitness and Movement Coach for women over 40.

Certified TACFIT Field Instructor, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Qualified Personal Trainer


I used to train like a man. I thought that deadlifting 1.5x my bodyweight with the gym bros was fantastic. And whilst I was definitely strong, I paid a hefty price for this strength - chronic tension, stiffness, exhaustion, aches and frequent injuries. Not to mention that I was actually bored too.


Fast forward a few years and now I swing steel mace and train on a 28 day cycle. I fuel my body to feed my hormones and I will tell you that despite being in the throws of perimenopause, I feel AMAZING! I’m the strongest I have ever been at 46, I can surf for hours and enjoy life to the fullest with my 3 super active and adventurous kids.


And I want you to feel like that too. I know you are deeply committed to yoru health and fitness and you want to age vibrantly and with confidence. You want to enjoy the sports and activities you love for as long as you can and live your life to the fullest.


So that is why you need to look after that magical body of yours and arm yourself with knowledge on how to best train and eat.


I hope you find this guide eye-opening and useful.


Jana x


Quite simply, Jana gave me my body back! 

After near death experience from childbirth and the surgeries that followed, I thought that lifting weights, running, even yoga , would be out of my life for good. Two years  later and still not healed, I started working with Jana.

After 6 months of training,  while I finished my 3rd rep of squats holding a 5kg weight, I realised I was feeling things I hadn't for a long time, STRONG and CAPABLE

In that time, Jana led me on a journey of recovery and rediscovery. She gave me a space that made me feel safe, not judged, and allowed me to find my strength again, both inside and out. I highly recommend this skilled, caring professional and I'm forever grateful for the experience.


Digital artist, and Producer at Weta Digital

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