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Discover the power and beauty of steel mace training to help you build physical strength, life-long fitness and wickedly toned muscles by doing short yet potent workouts from home and exercising in a unique, fun and feminine way. 

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Raise your hand if ...

You are dreading your next workout because afterwards you feel exhausted, sore for days, achy or even injured?

You desire to improve your fitness, strength, mobility, coordination and performance for your favourite sport or physical activity while also preventing injuries?

Your life is busy so you need exercise routine that gives you more bang for your buck, doesn't take a lot of time and can be done from home?

You crave an exercise routine that will build you strong muscles, bones and the right lean muscle to body fat ratio so you can age with confidence and enjoy your reflection in the mirror!


You've been forced to admit that you are in perimenopause or menopause and dealing with with sore joints and muscles, low energy, sleep issues, lack of mojo and hundred other symptoms which calls for switching your usual exercise routine

You know that you were destined for more than robotically lifting weights at the gym; you want an exercise that is unique, fun, wonderfully challenging and incredibly potent in building strength and confidence while not boring you to death?

I love steel mace training! It’s brought joy, helped me regain my balance, restored my inner core strength, given me wickedly toned arms and shoulders and it is a really cool conversational piece when someone asks you, inevitably, what you do for fun and exercise.

It’s fun, the movements are both powerful and elegant and it is unique - unlike any kind of training I’ve done before. Handling the mace pushes aside all other thoughts and internal voices and you are only thinking about what your body and brain are doing.


Black belt in karate, Competitive power lifter

The problem is ...

that traditional fitness styles were developed for MEN not WOMEN. 

Weight lifting bodybuilding style is designed for … you guessed it … BODY BUILDERS. Which most of us aren't.


And there are the hard core gym classes that leave our changing bodies overwhelmed, exhausted and frequently injured. You know, deep down that the NO PAIN, NO GAIN is utter BS.


Traditional weight lifting doesn’t build real life strength. Performing deadlifts in the gym doesn’t get you fit for sports like surfing, lifting your grandchild out of a carseat or digging up your garden. 


And I don’t know about you but I find weight lifting boring

JANA_BARRETTDSC08218 copy.jpg

Just because you are in midlife doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to boring exercise.
You absolutely CAN learn something new and feel totally badass!


Rather, imagine this ...

  • You are strong and toned all over and feel like a badass warrior doing short, fun and perfectly challenging sessions at home

  • You exercise in a unique way which is a potent mash up of strength training, yoga, dance and martial arts with a edgy warrior vibe because who wants a boring workout

  • You package strength training, cardio, mobility, coordination, flexibility, balance and movement into 1 potent exercise style so you can age with absolute confidence in your body and ace it at your favourite sport

  • You stop doing workouts that leave you exhausted, sore for days and achy but rather exercise in your feminine energy that feels soooooooo good and connects you deeply to your body

  • You learn something new which is the elixir of eternal youth for your brain and will help you avoid the mental decline older people often experience (FYI my oldest client is 83 and swears exercise keeps him sharp)

Thanks so much, Jana, for introducing me to the steel mace workouts. Seriously, nothing beats it. The movements are graceful yet really challenging. I love that you learn individual moves then join them into a beautiful flow - so you are always learning and building skill and strength. 

A mace workout is the most amazing mash up of yoga, dance and martial arts with an edgy warrior vibe. It was definitely worth buying a mace for home - I use it almost every day. Plus it’s really fun to be in my 50s and learning something new and feeling totally badass!


Former competitive runner

I loved learning the mace with Jana, working with the strength of my own body and slowly increasing the complexities of the flows and moves.

It made me feel confident and there was a noticeable difference in my overall strength and muscle toning whilst increasing my flexibility as well.

Highly recommend anyone to give it a go!


Ministry of Defence Manager

After a few mace sessions with Jana, I realised why my shoulder had been giving me problems for so long. Her attentiveness to the way I moved helped me realise how I can make simple movement changes to prevent further injury and continue to enjoy my sport for longer [rock climbing].

Even though I hadn’t exercised for a while, I found that the mace sessions had helped to maintain my strength when I returned.


Rock Climbing Instructor & Mountain Biker

Many people robotically lift weights but it takes a special woman to wield a steel mace.

And let's be honest, there is nothing elegant about lifting a barbell. But flowing with the mace is graceful and feminine… and totally badass!

Come and discover the art, beauty and potency of the steel mace. An ancient warrior weapon used for thousand of years to

turn ordinary humans into warriors.

After training with Jana, I'm in the best shape I have ever been, am more mentally alert, emotionally resilient, and feeling great. While I didn't come to this for looks, I have to admit, Jana has helped in that aspect as well.

After two decades of searching, I found a coach who could work with me in a nuanced, intelligent and empathetic way. Jana's professional training, depth of knowledge and innate ability to understand precisely what my body needs is second to none. I approached Jana for a movement regime appropriate  to a middle-aged male with a mentally intense career, a busy lifestyle and a desire to have a body that runs smoothly into old age.

Jana is far from the cliched coach who pushed people to a breaking point. She is thoughtful, intuitive and listens. Working with her is also a lot of fun!

Malcolm (1).jpg

Clinical hypnotherapist




A program for women over 40 who want to build all around strength and fitness using the completely unique ancient warrior weapon - the steel mace.

In this live, results-focused program you will learn the game changing exercise style inspired by ancient wisdom blended with science-backed techniques for building strong and resilient humans in the shortest and most efficient way.

WARRIOR WOMAN (2) (1).png

The problem most women in midlife have with exercise is not being able to adjust the intensity. Some days you feel like you can literally slay dragons and other days you want to stay in bed all day, bingeing on Netflix. 


But what if you had a menu of training sessions ranging from gentle flows to a grunty interval session and everything in between so you can pick the perfect workout for you and your body each day?


Or different sessions you could use as a complementary training program so you can improve performance for your favourite sport?

I love the steel mace! It's just different to the kind of weights you are used to from the gym. The weight distribution is amazing, it's not heavy or clunky.

The variety of the movements take from the very basic exercises to more advanced flows. Jana takes you through each and every one of them, you feel in safe hands along the journey. It feels empowering, yet graceful and always challenging.

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Digital Artist and busy mum of two

I have never felt fitter, stronger and more connected to my body and my well-being journey that I do training with Jana!


Being introduced to the steel mace felt so otherworldly to me. The mace is a warrior weapon and I felt so powerful wielding it during the mace flows. I felt strong, invincible and connected to the movements I was doing. Mace work is primal. 


I also love the ceremonial aspect of the mace. Ceremony has become very sacred in my life. The flow and dance with the mace honours my desire for ceremony and it honours the balance of the masculine and feminine aspect of me. It’s a deep soulful experience. . She is a gift and her program is such a gift.

Tracy (1).jpg

Clinical herbalist

See, once we are in perimenopause and menopause, we have
very unique exercise needs.

It’s less about looking good in a bikini
but more about:

Building strength in our muscles and bones so we can age without injuries

Managing our lean muscle to body fat ratio so we can avoid that pesky menopausal belly

Cardiovascular fitness for healthy heart so we can avoid heart disease (#1 cause of death in women)

Mobility and flexibility so we can move freely and pain free

Balance and coordination so we can age without falls and without needing a cane for walking later in life

Our overall fitness so we can enjoy all the sports and physical activities we love


That is a tall order, right?


And normally you will have to go to the gym, walk, do yoga and stretching to tick all the boxes.

Not with steel mace training.

There are two types of mace training that will tick ALL of the above and you will get them both inside the Warrior Woman.

Mace flows and interval training.

(shhhh … I’ll tell you a secret - there is no other mace program

IN THE WORLD that combines both inside ONE program)

This is your low intensity and low impact training. Think yoga, mobility, gentle strength training blended with a pinch of dancing in your feminine energy.

These flows feel so good and wake up every part of your body. The focus here is on moving and reconnecting with your body while reducing stress and enhancing your mood. 

You will start with super simple movements and combine only 2 to 3 of them in a flow. Gradually you will build complexity by mastering more challenging movements and combining more of them together.


I break down all the movements step by step and super slowly so you never feel lost or confused regardless of your level of fitness, skill and ability.


Why mace flows?

  • Low intensity for days when you are feeling less energy or as a recovery from other sports

  • Low impact so you protect your joints

  • Improve your mobility, flexibility, prevent and rehabilitate injuries

  • Maintain your balance and coordination

  • Greatly improved stress levels, mood and mental health

  • Short sessions of 10 minutes or less


You can take it up a notch with interval training to build more strength, cardio, endurance and burn calories for up to 48 hours post workout!

Each session takes 20 minutes. The intensity of the workout is entirely up to you and I will teach you how to adjust the intensity to suit your body and your energy level on any given day.


Because you will learn many versions of each movement, these sessions suit anyone from a complete beginner to a seasoned athlete.

I will take you through the whole 20 minute workout so it will feel like having me in the room with you, by your side.


Whether you have done interval training before or not, I want you to be safe and have fun so I will give you lots of coaching, support, and encouragement during the whole session.

Why interval training?


According to an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Dr Stacey Sims (and many other researchers), 

this type of training “...  is the best for perimenopausal and menopausal women … it increases lean muscle mass and reduces fat in just 20 minute sessions…” 

It also:


  • Builds overall fitness and strength

  • Helps burn fat, especially belly (visceral) fat

  • Increases sport performance

  • Improves cardiovascular fitness and prevents heart disease

  • Maintains and builds lean muscle mass and strong bones

  • Takes only 20 minutes, 2-3 times per week for maximum results

  • Can be adapted to any fitness level, skill and ability (a complete beginner to seasoned athlete)

  • It’s fun and safely challenging

Movement library with over 50 exercises.


I will teach you multiple versions of each movement so whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete, you can choose the movement that is perfect JUST for you and your body at this time.


To start with, you will learn many movements in their bodyweight versions (like lunges and squats) before you even pick up the mace. It is crucial that you build the basics before moving onto more advanced and complex movements.


Because there are so many versions of each movement, you can keep using the program for a long time without getting bored and keep building your strength and skills.


What else is inside the



Monthly Live Classes

Once a month, we will catch up on Zoom for a live class and together, we will go through a flow or the strength training session from the program.


This is your opportunity to have your form assessed by me and to ask questions. These live classes will be recorded and uploaded onto the portal so you can watch them anytime. I will try my best to accommodate the various time zones by alternating between days and different times. If you can't make the class live but have a question, you can send it to me and I will answer it on the call.


I will be also be teaching new movements, flows and interval sessions over time and you will receive all of these future updates at NO ADDITIONAL COST

Quite simply, Jana gave me my body back! 

After near death experience from childbirth and the surgeries that followed, I thought that lifting weights, running, even yoga , would be out of my life for good. Two years  later and still not healed, I started working with Jana.

After 6 months of training with mace,  while I finished my 3rd rep of squats holding a 5kg weight, I realised I was feeling things I hadn't for a long time, STRONG and CAPABLE

In that time, Jana led me on a journey of recovery and rediscovery. She gave me a space that made me feel safe, not judged, and allowed me to find my strength again, both inside and out. I highly recommend this skilled, caring professional and I'm forever grateful for the experience.


Digital artist, and Producer at Weta Digital

Are you thinking:
I can't learn this, it looks far too complicated :(

The philosophy behind this program is to acquire skills gradually and safely without risking injuries which means mastering simple movements first and then slowly, and at your own speed, building the complexity over time. 

You might be thinking you are too uncoordinated, too weak, too unfit, too old or too ‘anything’ to learn the mace.


The beauty of this training is that you start slowly with very simple movements and gradually build on complexity and intensity. Just like when you were learning to ride a bike, you started on a small bike with training wheels. You didn’t exactly enter the Tour de France straight away.

The videos on this page are the results of over 3 years of consistent training. And this is possible for you too. I’m just a little ahead of you in this journey. I learned from great coaches and honed my coaching skills on over 200 clients. I promise you that no matter what stories you tell yourself, you will swing the mace around your body one day.

My client Faye summed this up perfectly in the testimonial below - she went from now knowing what the mace was to swinging it in a matter of weeks!


I went from not knowing how to pick the mace up to swinging it with control and strength in a matter of weeks. It was perfect for rebuilding my core after childbirth.


I didn't even know what the mace was before I started working with Jana. But I quickly came to see why she uses it with her clients - it gets results and quickly!


Digital artist, and Producer at Weta Digital

You are probably sick and tired of watching videos of me swinging the mace. How about I show you one of my amazing clients?

Meet Jana who has been training with me for 2 years. Although a competitive powerlifter and a black belt in karate, she had to start exercising from the very beginning after a surgery.

Watch as she performs the waterfall flow (which you can learn inside the program).

What about BONUSES?

I'd love to give you extra treats to truly skyrocket your results.

Not only you will have access to mace training videos and step by step tutorials in the movement library, aaaand you will get real-time support on our live monthly classes so you can take advantage of my decade long coaching experience. Plus all future updates and additional training videos. 

But if that was not enough ...

Here are your bonuses to make you unstoppable

That's over $2,600 value in bonuses!!!

I’m 55 year old woman, who is currently suffering form many menopausal symptoms which have stopped me from continuing the exercise program I used to follow pre-menopause. My movement have become limited, my shoulders were seizing up and I suffered from hip pain. Quite honestly, getting up off the floor was becoming quite an issue!


Just 10 weeks training with Jana have hugely improved my mobility, strength and confidence. In a gradual program suited to my pace, Jana has slowly and methodically taken me through controlled movements with the mace that have now built up into quite a repertoire.


I actually bought my own mace and now practice in the lounge at home!!!!!! I am mobile - I can once again enjoy the feeling of confident movement. Whether doing something as simple as getting dressed in the morning to attempting weighted lunges and squats. It is not like going to the gym - it is private, achievable, personal and life-changing! Cannot recommend it enough - thank you Jana!


Primary School Teacher

Here's a recap of what exactly is included in the program

Steel Mace Flows Tutorials: Value $1,997

Steel Mace Interval Training Tutorials And Follow Me Videos: Value $1,997

Movement Library: Value $2,997

Monthly Live Classes: Value $997 per month

Exclusive Facebook Group: Value $497

Coaching Support inside The Facebook Community: Value $2,000 per month

Bonuses: $2,600

All Future Updates And Additional Training Videos: $1,997

Total Value: $13,282 

So, are you ready to start building strength, life-long fitness and wickedly toned muscles with the steel mace?  


$1,297 USD



$447 USD

Hi, if we haven’t met yet 

Hey, I'm Jana 

A Fitness and Movement Coach for women over 40.

Certified TACFIT Field Instructor, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Qualified Personal Trainer


I have taught over 200 people how to train with the steel mace, the youngest being 12 (my daughter) and the oldest 83 years old!!!


I have coached people who thought they were too uncoordinated, too weak or too old to learn the mace, but of course they mastered it.

Before I discovered the mace (through my TACFIT coaches), I was already fit and strong. But I could not believe the phenomenal strength gains I got after just a few months of mace training. Specifically in my core and shoulders. 

I’m 46 years old, yet I have never felt fitter and stronger than I do now. I can surf for hours, keep up with my super active kids, enjoy the awesome outdoor life here in New Zealand, and most importantly age with confidence so that I can live my life to the fullest.



My clients feel (in their words) - strong, powerful, invincible, connected to their bodies and totally badass. They experience huge gains in strength, wickedly toned muscles, inner core strength and no injuries so they can enjoy life and their favourite sports.


Mace training brings them joya fun unique way to exercise and a way reconnect them with their body and their feminine energy.

And they have a cool conversational piece when their friends ask them “what do you do for exercise”. Rather than answering ‘yoga’ (yawn) they can say that they wield ancient warrior weapons for fun.


I have personally experienced huge results since using the mace. As a madly keen surfer, I need phenomenal upper strength, agility, coordination and endurance so I can ride those sweet waves for hours as often as I'd like and avoid all injuries.


By the end of this unique and life-changing program you will have:  

Short yet incredibly potent home workouts that you feel excited about and which make you feel energised, glowing, strong, confident and quite frankly, a total badass

A menu of exercise sessions of different intensities to choose from so that you can start a regular exercise habit that supports your changing body and energy levels.

A complete blueprint to life-long fitness, strength, mobility, coordination, endurance, and wickedly toned muscles so you can age without aches and injuries.

A perfect conditioning program to up your performance at your favourite sport or physical activity so you can enjoy it more and for longer.

A fun, unique way to exercise that blends yoga, martial arts and dance and gives you a cool conversation piece to share with your friends.

WARRIOR WOMAN is the only steel mace program with flows and safely challenging interval training

More from other amazing clients ...

I started training with Jana just a few weeks ago and already feel my strength coming back. I adore using the mace. I feel like the badass woman that I am. It’s empowering and I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you fellow badass Jana for your knowledge, skill and care!

Bex, a journalist and professional photographer


I have 100% more strength in my core which has put to rest any back pain I used to get … Jana certainly knows how to personalise sessions to my personal goals and well-being. She is attentive, full of energy and keeps me motivated. I highly recommend Jana to anyone wanting to get fit, loose some pounds and have some fun!


Rich, Surfer & Weta Digital Production Manager

I did mace training for about a year with Jana and found the experience of training with a piece of equipment unfamiliar with challenging. It was a real mind body connection which, after practice, felt very natural. I noted a certain confidence and calmness in my mood after the sessions as well as feeling stronger and more mobile.

Rosie, Crossfit enthusiast & NZ Government Employee

Here's a recap of what exactly is included in the program

Steel Mace Flows Tutorials: Value $1,997

Steel Mace Interval Training Tutorials And Follow Me Videos: Value 1,997

Movement Library: Value $2,997

Monthly Live Classes: Value $997 per month

Exclusive Facebook Group: Value $497

Coaching Support inside The Facebook Community: Value $2,000 per month

Bonuses: $2,600

All Future Updates And Additional Training Videos: $1,997

Total Value: $13,282 

Get LIFETIME access plus every future update - at NO EXTRA COST!

I'm ready to join!


$1,297 USD



$447 USD


Now, let's answer all those questions you have swirling in your head:


None! Whether you are a complete beginner, seasoned athlete or somewhere in between, you can get a safely challenging workout that is perfect for you and which will give you the results you are after. I coach many different versions of each movement so you can start at the beginning and slowly and safely build up your strength, fitness and skills over time.


I have taught over 200 rad people how to train with the mace. I break down each exercise to very simple steps so you can master them at your own pace. You might think you are too uncoordinated or unfit to learn but trust me, I have coached such wide variety of people and they all mastered the movements. 


That depends on how often you will train with the mace but most people see changes within a few weeks - especially in mobility, strength and the way they feel. I am a surfer and I personally experienced huge gains in strength (especially in the shoulders) within 2 months.


Between 10-20 minutes as often as you can. The mace flows will take as little as 10 minutes while the interval training sessions are 20 minutes. 


There are different weights and the cost of the mace varies for each. The heavier, the more expensive. A 4kg (7lb) mace  which is ideal for beginners costs USD $29.99 or AUD $68. If you are fit and strong, you might need an additional, heavier mace for the interval training. Inside the program, I will give you information on where to buy high quality maces and how to choose the perfect weight for you.


I can offer support in these ways: during our monthly live classes where you can ask questions and have your form assessed by me. In between, I can support you inside our exclusive, members only Facebook group.


This program is for you if you:

  • Are bored and tired of lifting weights and breaking your body in gym classes

  • Want short yet powerfully effective workouts that don’t take lots of time but give you massive results

  • Love yoga but want to add more of a strength component into your practice

  • Want a more unique and fun approach to fitness and be challenged not only physically but mentally too

  • Are an active woman and you want to get stronger for your favourite sport so you can enjoy it for as long as you can without injuries

  • Want to age with strength and confidence rather then becoming frail, riddled with osteoporosis, aches and injuries, eventually losing your independence


Many of my clients have done these and realised it is a bit much for their changing bodies. Both weight training and the fitness classes often give women permanent tension, aches and frequent injuries. Women in perimenopause and menopause crave gentler forms of exercise that are still effective for building lean muscle, strong bones and overall fitness. Mace training has a huge focus on mobility and flexibility which will protect you from aches and injuries and help you move freely.


Absolutely! No matter what your favourite sport is, you will improve your performance by increasing strength (especially in shoulders and core), endurance, power, mobility and coordination. The complexity of mace movements will help you with any type of sophisticated movement. As a surfer, nothing has upped my surfing fitness like the mace training.


Access to an online portal and an app with pre-recorded videos (mace flows and interval training), exclusive Facebook group and monthly live classes. 


Lifetime access!


Simply send us an email at 

For the more science hungry athlete, let’s dive a little deeper into WHY mace training is superior to any other training in the gym.

If your eyes glaze over the technical jargon, just skip this section … 

Steel mace will massively increase:


  • Stability and coordination - so you can handle high impact without losing momentum

  • Strength in your shoulders - one of the most frequently injured areas. Exercises like the 360 (which is in this program) will increase your mobility and flexibility while simultaneously improving the strength of your muscles, connective tissue and the small stabilising muscles around the joint


  • Grip strength - you will improve the strength of your fingers, wrists, hands and forearms, something you use every single day in sports or for simple things like opening jars.


  • Strength in multi-planar movements - the steel mace engages forces and activates new ones in all planes of motion, sometimes in one exercise. 


  • Core strength - by working rotation and anti-rotation of the core muscles - this equals resilience to injury. The uneven distribution of the mace ball activates your core in order to keep it under control. 


  • Balance and body awareness - through unilateral exercise, evening the strength on both sides

  • Cardio-vascular conditioning (metabolic training) - the interval training in this program will improve your cardio-vascular output


  • Total body strength and endurance - mace movements are compound meaning they engage large groups of muscles


  • Performance by introducing unilateral training to correct muscle and strength imbalances - the mace will help you fix imbalances you likely have (everyone does).

  • The impact of movements on your body by altering difficulty of a movement - by switching your hand placement makes the mace extremely dynamic and versatile

Just in case you are interested in
the history of mace training ...

Humans used mace like tool (made of rock and a stick) in stone age around 50,000 years ago. The earliest documented evidence dates back 2,000 years ago when Hindu warriors trained with the mace for battles. Later, mace training was picked up by wrestlers in India and Persia.
The mace made it to the west only 10 years ago. It is now becoming one of the most notable modern fitness tools, the epitome of functional training and a tool that will improve your sport performance like no other fitness tool.


Are you in?

Here's a recap of what exactly is included in the program

Steel Mace Flows Tutorials: Value $1,997

Steel Mace Interval Training Tutorials And Follow Me Videos: Value 1,997

Movement Library: Value $2,997

Monthly Live Classes: Value $997 per month

Exclusive Facebook Group: Value $497

Coaching Support inside The Facebook Community: Value $2,000 per month

Bonuses: $2,600

All Future Updates And Additional Training Videos: $1,997

Total Value: $13,282 

Start training like a feminine warrior rather than a bodybuilding beefcake and build life-long fitness, strength and confidence so you can live the life of your dreams (at any age!). 


$1,297 USD



$447 USD

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