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Discover how to unleash the true power of your body, move with freedom, pain free so you can age with confidence, have limitless energy, become totally unstoppable and live the life of your wildest dreams!


Does your body not quite work the way it used to?

Does everything crack, creak and ache and even the most innocuous things like picking up a sock can tweak your back for days?

Are you active but these days your favourite sport gives you more injuries than memorable experiences?

And are you wondering how you will feel in 10, 20 even 30 years when right now you already feel and move like an old person???

Let's face it, these days is less about looking hot in a bikini and far more about feeling fit, strong and flexible.

It's not about ageing gracefully, it's about ageing on your OWN GODDAMN TERMS!



The program worked out all my issues with my spine and neck and helped immensely with areas like my knees, wrists and hips.

I am learning to surf and the demands of the sport were taking a toll on my spine and neck.  I was at the point where I thought I would have to forgo the sport. 

I joined Jana's program  and she has strengthened my body from head to toe.   I can’t say enough about the program.  

I also just enjoyed one of my strongest snowboarding seasons in several years.   Jana's coaching through the program gives you the confidence and accountability to move just a little every day.  I am excited for my seven day surf adventure, at 50!



I got back into a routine of training most mornings. I could feel the transformation in my flexibility and mobility as the moves became easier, and I could see I was getting more toned....and this motivated me to keep on going.

Aa 50yo former competitive runner my body was paying me back for years of overtraining with aching joints, stiffness and chronic tendon injuries. I was struggling to find training that was suited to my age and stage - but challenging enough to keep me motivated. I was constantly tired and literally hitting the snooze button on all my morning exercise plans.


All this changed when I signed up for Jana's 12-week midlife movement program. "

Deep down, you know that exercise is good for us.

But maybe you have been burnt by exercise that pushed your body too hard, caused you injuries and have left you worried about doing more hard than good.

Perhaps you used to have a regular exercise routine but now your body got hijacked by raging perimenopausal and menopausal hormones that cause a lack of energy, weight gain and achy joints.

Or you are trying to stay active and you have a favourite sport but you just cannot shake the persistent injuries and sometimes, after being active, you are sidelined for days with pain.

Or are you suffering from osteoporosis, arthritis, falls and fractures which now require medical treatments but your doctor just told you to either exercise carefully or stop altoghether which left you confused?


And ALL you want is a simple yet potent exercise routine that will help you move with freedom, pain free 

and which can be done and dusted in as little as 10 minutes a day (and never more than 20)

but which gives you all the physical strength and confidence

to NEVER have to miss out on any adventures with your loved ones and live your live to the fullest with NO LIMITS!

Because the hard cold truth is that if you live in a body that doesn't move and feel good and aches all the time, you are not living, you are surviving!

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"I cannot recommend Jana more highly. You won't be disappointed"

I had assumed that bodyweight and mobility work would be easy but I found it wonderfully challenging and enriching. It's amazing how much our bodies need to re-learn and mobility training is the perfect antidote to the aches and pains that we tend to take for granted as a natural and acceptable part of ageing. 



This program is exactly what I wanted - simple movements but effective!

I joined Jana's mobility program when I realized I was approaching 40 and wanted to move with more ease and increase my fitness. I am no fan of traditional gyms or hard exercise, . Jana's coaching style is gentle and I love that she focuses on getting movements right and building on it. Highly recommend it

What your body needs, especially as it is ageing and transitioning through peri-menopause and menopause are:

Strength training so you can maintain strong bones and lean muscle mass which will stop the dreaded midlife weight gain

Cardio vascular fitness for strong heart and lungs

Mobility and flexibility so you can move freely with no aches, pain and injuries

Agility, movement control, body awareness so you don't suffer from age related falls and fractures


Learning new movements for brain health and neuroplasticity


Daily exercise for physical, mental and emotional well-being

That is a lot of boxes to tick and let's not forget that exercise should be fun, enjoyable and
something you get to do
rather than have to do!

I'm a busy mum  and I don't have much time to exercise. Through working with Jana, my posture and overall mobility have improved so much!


testimonials (20).png

Jana takes a fun and pragmatic approach to her training. It is refreshing to be trained as a middle aged woman and not as a beefy 20 year old male!



This is where I come in because I would love to teach you movements and exercises that ticks ALL of those boxes (and take as little as 10 minutes!)


If we haven't met, I'm Jana and I want to help you live the life of your wildest dreams! Regardless of how old you are.

I'm a Fitness & Movement Coach, certified TACFIT instructor, strength & conditioning coach and a qualified personal trainer. I have been fortunate to share my expertise on numerous podcasts and I've been featured in magazines.

I have had the enormous privilege to coach women, and men, for over a decade. My coaching philosophy is focused on longevity and restoring, and enhancing your body's natural physical abilities. I want to make exercise enjoyable for you, easy to fit into your busy life and  safely challenging so you can keep getting fitter, stronger, more resilient and age like a fine wine.

158576313_105824858253924_3996404843402244554_n (1)_edited.jpg

My clients get strong, powerful and move like ninjas regardless of their age. They fix their old injuries, never get new ones and often return to doing sports they love but had to give up. I have helped women to reconnect with their bodies after traumatic events like emergency hysterectomy and a near-death childbirth.

The women I help have the confidence to start learning adventure sports like surfing and sailing in their 50s!

I help my clients squeeze in daily movement into their busy lives which makes them feel confident, full of energy, glowing, resilient and invincible.

All that without any fancy equipment, expensive gym membership and tons of time 🤯

After all, I don't have any of those either and I run 2 businesses, coach tons of clients and solo parent three children.

I don't have a lot of time yet I exercise and move my body every single day! 

I'm the fittest and strongest I have ever been at 46. I can surf for hours, go boxing 3 times a week, keep up with my super active kids and I have tons of energy.

But it wasn't always like that. I used to lift weights at the gym and feel rather smug about how strong I was. But the truth was, I was always achy and frequently injured 😫. I mean what is the point of deadlifting 100kg if it puts you on a couch for a few days with a sore back!


It wasn't until I discovered, through my TACFIT certification, that the missing piece was MOBILITY and SAFE INTENSITY.

I realised that having strong muscles meant nothing without having strong and healthy joints. I couldn't believe how quickly my aches disappeared and never came back after I started doing mobility every day. I see this again and again with my clients. In as little as a few days, they feel less pain.

When I combined daily mobility with the skill of adjusting my exercise intensity for how I felt each day, I became virtually unstoppable. I said goodbye to injuries and started moving with strength and confidence


So what if  ...

You had a complete blueprint to strengthening & toning your body from head to toe, having enough mobility and flexibility to move with ease and never injure yourself.

You could age knowing you will avoid the physical and mental decline people experience as they age so you can enjoy your independence as you get older.

You could fit in daily movement & exercise regardless of how busy your life is and go through each day with limitless energy, feeling fabulous and bursting with confidence!

Improve performance in your favourite sport because you restored the range and strength in your joints and connective tissue, making you more athletic and powerful.

You reconnected with your body and had confidence that your body will move well and pain-free in your day to day life or your favourite sport, regardless of your age.

Exercise from the comfort of your own home, any time of the day rather than having to drive to a gym full of blokes flexing their biceps in mirrors, checking you out..

And tons more!


Jana's training has toned, strengthened and energised me beyond my expectations ... and helped me recover from fractured tailbone by building my core strength.



Training with Jana is so empowering.

Every time I learn something new about my body and my ability to move!



I highly recommend Jana's program to anyone in midlife wanting a gentle approach to exercise, from the comfort of their home.

Even though the movements were gentle, they definitely got my heart rate up!




& Flows

A 3-month high touch program for women over 50 who desire to unleash the true power of their body and move with freedom, pain free, burst with all day energy and live the life of their wildest dreams!

In this results focused program, you will learn exercise philosophy based on the latest research and science of health-first fitness approaches

and simple yet powerfully effective movements that lead to long lasting vibrant health, pain free ageing and  energy levels which people half your age will never experience. 




This is a fantastic program for surfers like me who want to strengthen my upper body for paddling and popping up… a great range of stretches and a challenging but rewarding flow of movements… It is structured to do at your own pace with modifications aimed at all levels… thoroughly recommend the program and Jana is an awesome and encouraging coach  



After a few week training with Jana, I realised why my shoulder had been giving me problems for so long!

Her attentiveness to the way I moved helped me to understand how I can make simple movement changes to prevent further injury and continue to enjoy my sport (rock climbing and mountain biking) for longer

Watch an interview with my amazing client Suzanne about her experience in the program and the phenomenal results she achieved (it is only 10 minutes long but packed with gold!)

The problem with most exercise programs is that they offer you a quick result without concentrating on building the fundamentals -

your mobility and teaching you how to adjust the

intensity of your exercise.

Most programs also don't understand that every person is at a different level so there needs to be a way how to modify an exercise to suit you, your body and your level of skill and ability

(we've all been to a fitness class where they ask you to do 100 burpees without giving you a way to adjust it to your ability)

Strong bodies that move well don't happen by luck or accident but by working on the basics (mobility) and then building on them in a strategic way with focus on longevity and preventing injuries.

That is why in this program I use a tried and tested 4 step method



Get rid of the restrictions ...


Remove any stiff and tight spots in your body so it can move freely

Improve your posture especially if you are sitting down or spend time on the computer

Learn movements to make aches and pain evaporate

Restore the full range of motion in all joints so they can move like they used to again

Rehabilitate old and existing injuries and prevent new ones from popping up

Move your body with confidence and trust

Nourish your body and lubricate all parts so it moves like a well-oiled machine

Improve joint pain or any conditions you might have (i.e. arthritis)

Let's add conditioning ...


The movements will strengthen your body from head to toes; for daily life, or any physical activity you enjoy

You will learn bodyweight movements that are wonderfully challenging but very safe

I will show you many versions of each movement so together we will find that suits you right now 

Master the basic movements so you can safely build on it

Strengthen not only the big muscles but also the small stabilising ones which if left alone often cause injuries

Putting it together ...


After you master the individual bodyweight movements, you will learn how to string them together into a fluid flow

This is where the magic truly happens - agility, strength and movement meets cardio conditioning and endurance

You will be performing versions of the movements that suit you and where your body is at at on any given day

Master the art and science of exercising with an intensity that is challenging in a good way and safe

Take care of the muscles ...


Stretching is vital because tight muscles don't perform well and often get injured

You will learn how to 'pay back'  your muscles for all the hard work by stretching them

We will stretch every muscle you worked during your session so they always work perfectly

I will teach you how to stretch safely without the risk of pulling and damaging your muscles.


What is included in the program?

The gold is the video content you can access anywhere, anytime and for life time


coaching support, accountability, hands on and results driven approach.


Daily Recorded Digital Training

Access your daily 10 minute training sessions on a world class online portal from any device, on the web or on an app.

The training content is divided into a Movement Library (over 120 exercises recorded with detailed coaching instructions and modifications to suit any level of skill and ability). Once you master the movements, use the 'Follow Me' videos for a more streamlined and faster training sessions.

Weekly group coaching calls

Never again question if you are doing all the exercises right. On these coaching calls, I will personally asses your technique or help you work around any injuries and limitations you might have. I will help you further modify exercises to suit YOU and your body.
And you will get all your biggest burning questions answered . If you can't make the call, you can submit your question or query beforehand and I will answer it on the call. You can then watch the recording as all calls are run on Zoom, recorded and uploaded onto the portal within 24 hours.


SHE MOVES  & Flows consists of 6 progressive modules, meaning you will start with simpler movements and build on them safely.

Whether you are a complete beginner, seasoned athlete or anywhere in between, you will be able to exercise at a level that is safely challenging
for you.

This is not like most programs that throw you in at the deep end, without personalised support. I understand that every body and every person is different so I will personally coach you through the program.

Take a peek into the modules ...

Module 1 - Legs & Lower Back

Starting from the basics and the fundamentals, this module is all about mobilising and strengthening the hips, lower back and the core. These are often the most tight areas I see on clients and a great place to start. 

       Module 3 - Upper Body

Women often struggle with upper body strength and this module will get you strong and toned in your arms, shoulders, chest and back with gentle conditioning in the abs and glutes too.  The focus will be also on shoulder mobility.

Module 2 - Hips & Upper Back

The movements in this module are focused on even deeper hip work and strengthening the glutes which are are an integral part of your core. We will be mobilising the upper back which will improve your posture.

 Module 4 - Hips, Knees, Ankles

This module is all about the legs. Mobilising and fixing issues in the hips, knees and ankles and strengthening and stretching all muscles in the legs. I will make you fall in love with squats and lunges.

Module 5 - Neck, Spine, Upper Back

This module is all about freeing the spine so that it moves fluidly and building a strong core to protect it. Say goodbye to tweaking your lower back! If your neck and upper back need some love, it will get plenty here. We will improve your posture too.

         Module 6 - Whole Body

You will now put all the skills together in the final module and learn the Turkish Get up - an amazing movement that will get you from lying down to standing using a series of cool moves. It will challenge your body but you will be ready for it!

And if this wasn't enough ...

There are all these bonuses

Private strategy session
& movement check

In this 60 minute call, we will chat about your goals , aspirations and discuss any injuries or limitations that might hinder your transformations. I can help you with scheduling your training sessions and how you fit your training around your existing sports and activities. If it's needed, we can do a movement check and see how your body moves so we can personalise the program to suit you, your body and your goals.

Value $397

Bonus training material - kettlebells & weights

At the end of the program, you might be ready to extend your learning and test drive your newly acquired strength and movement skills.

In these bonus videos, I will show you how to increase your upper body strength by using a dumbbell or a kettlebell and pressing it overhead. I will also teach you how to take the Turkish Get Up from module 6 and learn it with a dumbbell or a kettlebell. This will make you stronger all over! 

Value $997

Food guide PDF with easy & healthy recipes

An active body needs quality fuel. I have put together a 10 page booklet where I simplify information about  macronutrients. I understand that meal prep whilst you are busy can be challenging so I compiled easy and fast recipes for you to try with minimal preparation. These recipes work for me and I run 2 businesses and solo parent three children :)

Value $97

After Jana's program, I'm now feeling stronger, my body is lighter to move and moves with more ease. It’s now part of what I do each day.

As a middle aged, peri menopausal woman, I felt my body was working against me. I needed help but I dislike gyms. 

I liked exercising at home without the worry of flooding in public when I have my heavy peri-menopause periods. But with the safe knowledge that I was still getting a good and safe workout. 


Pink Sand

Here is a recap of what's included in SHE MOVES  & Flows

Pre-recorded Online Training Sessions: Value $4,997

Online movement library with over 120 exercises: Value $2,997

Weekly One on One Coaching Calls (12 in total): Value $5.997

Strategy Call & Movement Screen Call: Value $397

Bonus Training: Value $997

TOTAL VALUE: $ 18,382

Choose your option and get an immediate access to the program!


$2,997 USD



$1,097 USD

The value of this program is huge but between you and I, you cannot put value on living your best life, ageing with no pain and doing all the things you love well into your golden years.


What this program will give you is a complete blueprint to ageless fitness and strength. At the end of the three months, you will have a total confidence in your body to do what you ask it to, regardless of your age.

l started learning to surf at 40. I could have never done that if I wasn't fit, strong and had great mobility and confidence in my body (and myself). Exercise taught me how to be resilient, have grit and deal with stress.

Since then I learned to skate as well because my youngest wanted me to (not as easy as it looks :).

I have 3 very active children and I love going on adventures with them. Hiking, swimming, surfing, riding bikes is what we all love. I would be devastated if I was a spectator in my children's lives. And one day, in my grandchildren's lives.

I don't want to be the grandma who tells her grandkids "I used to ... ", I want to be the grandma who is always up to something and still surfs at 80 years old!


Nowadays, people are experiencing an epidemic of mental health issues, enormous stress and health problems so daily exercise has become more important than ever.


I know that as a woman who often juggles many committments, you are short on time. But I urge you to find the small pocket of time for yourself.


The enormous benefits for your physical body, mental and emotional state, mood, confidence and resilience will positively affect not only you but your family, friends, work and other aspects of your life.

I couldn't run 2 businesses, parent

3 children solo, be a loving partner, thoughtful friend and surf as much as I can if I didn't dedicate time each day to my movement and exercise.



are your ready to get strong, fit, ooze confidence, reconnect with your body and feel amazing?

Watch an interview with my client extraordinaire Eleni where she shares her experiences and the phenomenal results she achieved (it is around 10 minutes long but packed with gold!)
Pink Sand

Here is a recap of what's included in SHE MOVES  & Flows

Pre-recorded Online Training Sessions: Value $4,997

Online movement library with over 120 exercises: Value $2,997

Weekly One on One Coaching Calls (12 in total): Value $5.997

Strategy Call & Movement Screen Call: Value $397

Bonus Training: Value $997

TOTAL VALUE: $ 18,382

Yes, I'm in !

Choose your option and get an immediate access to the program!


$2,997 USD



$1,097 USD

Pink Sand

Are you in?

Here is a recap of what's included in SHE MOVES  & Flows

Pre-recorded Online Training Sessions: Value $4,997

Online movement library with over 120 exercises: Value $2,997

Weekly One on One Coaching Calls (12 in total): Value $5.997

Strategy Call & Movement Screen Call: Value $397

Bonus Training: Value $997

TOTAL VALUE: $ 18,382

Yes, I'm in !

Choose your option and get an immediate access to the program!


$2,997 USD



$1,097 USD

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