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Discover how to reconnect with your body and make it stronger, fitter, toned and mobile with short daily movement sessions so you can age confidently and enjoy long lasting vibrant health, with no pain.


Without feeling confused how to exercise while your friends are telling you about the latest fitness craze


loving moving your body in a way that is fun and challenging in just the right way 

so that

you can go through life feeling confident in your body and its physical abilities

even if

you are busy, short on time, you hate gyms and the thought of lifting weights fills you with dread.



I am learning to surf and the demands of the sport were taking a toll on my spine and neck.  I was at the point where I thought I would have to forgo the sport. 


Jana's flows have strengthened my body from head to toe and worked out all my issues with my spine and neck, and helped immensely with areas like my knees, wrists and hips. 

 Jana's coaching gives you the confidence and accountability to move just a little every day.  I am excited for my seven day surf adventure, at 50!



As a 50yo former competitive runner my body was paying me back for years of overtraining with aching joints, stiffness and chronic tendon injuries. I was struggling to find training that was suited to my age and stage - but challenging enough to keep me motivated. I was constantly tired and literally hitting the snooze button on all my morning exercise plans.


Doing Jana's flows got me back into a routine of training most mornings. I could feel the transformation in my flexibility and mobility as the moves became easier, and I could see I was getting more toned....

The hard cold truth is that you need to move your body every day and the old saying "Use it or Loose it" is very true

You know you need to work on your strength & mobility  as you are getting older but you have been burnt by exercises that push your body too hard and cause injuries and now you are confused about what to do

Maybe you used to have regular exercise routine but now you are pushing the snooze button on all exercise because you are have chronic injuries, aches and pains

Perhaps you used to be fit & strong, doing sports but now you are feeling like your body has been hijacked by your changing hormones, you lost connection to your own body and experiencing the side effects of menopause


And you want to exercise & move in a simple yet powerfully effective  because you are busy, short on time and don't want to leave the comfort of your home.

The thing is that no matter how great your life is, if your body is not fit, strong and mobile, your quality of life will suffer.

Which means missing out on doing fun things or having to give up your favourite sport

and one day you will be telling your grandchildren "I used to ... 

(surf, run, play tennis ...)

You simply cannot afford to live in a body that doesn't move well, hurts and will deteriorate with time.

That is not living, that's surviving!

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I had assumed that bodyweight and mobility work would be easy but I found it wonderfully challenging and enriching. It's amazing how much our bodies need to re-learn and mobility training is the perfect antidote to the aches and pains that we tend to take for granted as a natural and acceptable part of ageing. I cannot recommend Jana more highly. You won't be disappointed.



I joined Jana's mobility program when I realized I was approaching 40 and wanted to move with more ease and increase my fitness. I am no fan of traditional gyms or hard exercise, this mobility class is exactly what I wanted - simple movements but effective. Jana's coaching style is gentle and I love that she focuses on getting movements right and building on it. Highly recommend it

What your body needs, especially as it is transitioning through peri-menopause and menopause are:

Strength training so you can maintain your lean muscle mass and strong bones

Cardio vascular fitness for strong heart and lungs

Mobility and flexibility so you can move freely with no aches, pain and injuries

Agility, movement control, body awareness so you don't suffer from age related falls and fractures 

Learning new movements for brain health, neuroplasticity 

Daily exercise for physical, mental and emotional well-being

That is a lot of boxes to tick and let's not forget that exercise should be fun, enjoyable and
something you get to do
rather than have to do!

I'm a busy mum  and I don't have much time to exercise. Through working with Jana, my posture and overall mobility have improved so much!


testimonials (20).png

Jana takes a fun and pragmatic approach to her training. It is refreshing to be trained as a middle aged woman and not as a beefy 20 year old male!



This is where I come in because I would love to teach you movement and exercise that ticks ALL of those boxes (and takes as little time as possible)


If we haven't met, I'm Jana and I'm all about making exercise fun and simple (it is the only way so you stick to it)

I'm a Fitness & Movement Coach, certified TACFIT instructor, strength & conditioning coach and a qualified personal trainer.

I have years of experience training women from all walks of life. In the last couple of years, I have really started focusing on empowering women over 50 with exercise and movement that helps them confidently navigate ageing and menopause, live in vibrant health and no pain.

158576313_105824858253924_3996404843402244554_n (1)_edited.jpg

My clients get strong, powerful and move like ninjas regardless of their age. My clients fix their old injuries, never get new ones and often return to doing sports they love but had to give up. 

I help my clients squeeze daily movement into their busy lives which makes them feel confident, full of energy, glowing, resilient and invincible.

All that without any fancy equipment, gym membership and tons of time 🤯

After all, I don't have any of those either and I run 2 businesses, coach tons of clients and solo parent three children.

I don't have a lot of time yet I exercise and move my body every single day! 

I'm the fittest and strongest I have ever been at 45. I can surf for hours, keep up with my super active kids and
I have tons of energy.

Because I have mastered moving my body in an efficient and effective way that makes my body strong rather than overwhelming it (I used to do crazy workouts that left me exhausted and sore for days 😫).


So what if  ...

You had a complete blueprint to strengthening & toning your body from head to toe, having enough mobility and flexibility to move with ease and never injure yourself.

You could age knowing you will avoid the physical and mental decline people experience as they age so you can enjoy your independence as you get older.

You could fit in daily movement & exercise regardless of how busy your life is and go through each day  oozing energy and feeling fabulous!

Exercise and move your body in a way that leaves you glowing, energised and feeling amazing rather than collapsed on the floor, gasping for air and sore for days.

You reconnected with your body and had confidence that your body will move well in your day to day life or your favourite sport, regardless of your age.

Exercise from the comfort of your own home, any time of the day rather than having to drive to a gym full of blokes flexing their biceps in mirrors, checking you out..

And tons more!


Jana's training has toned, strengthened and energised me beyond my expectations ... and helped me recover from fractured tailbone by building my core strength.



Training with Jana is so empowering.

Every time I learn something new about my body and my ability to move!



I highly recommend Jana's program to anyone in midlife wanting a gentle approach to exercise, from the comfort of their home.

Even though the movements were gentle, they definitely got my heart rate up!





A 90 minute FREE masterclass for women over 50 who desire to get fitter, stronger and who want to reconnect with their bodies, ooze confidence, energy and vitality

In this masterclass, you will learn exercise philosophy based on the latest research and science of health-first fitness approaches

and simple yet powerfully effective movements that lead to long lasting vibrant health, pain free ageing and  energy levels which people half your age will never experience. 



Thursday 3rd November 11am NZT/9am AUST

Wednesday 2nd November 3pm PST/6pm EST/10pm BST



This is a fantastic program for surfers like me who want to strengthen my upper body for paddling and popping up… a great range of stretches and a challenging but rewarding flow of movements… It is structured to do at your own pace with modifications aimed at all levels…  Jana is an awesome and encouraging coach  



After a few weeks of training with Jana, I realised why my shoulder had been giving me problems for so long! Her attentiveness to the way I moved helped me to understand how I can make simple movement changes to prevent further injury and continue to enjoy my sport for longer



So what will you learn in 

Get rid of the restrictions ...


Remove any stiff and tight spots in your body so it can move freely

Improve your posture especially if you are sitting down or spend time on the computer

Learn movements to make aches and pain evaporate

Restore the full range of motion in all joints so they can move like they used to again

Rehabilitate old and existing injuries and prevent new ones from popping up

Move your body with confidence and trust

Nourish your body and lubricate all parts so it moves like a well-oiled machine

Improve joint pain or any conditions you might have (i.e. arthritis)


Let's add conditioning ...


The movements will strengthen your body from head to toes; for daily life, or any physical activity you enjoy

You will learn bodyweight movements that are wonderfully challenging but very safe

I will show you many versions of a movement so together we will find that suits you right now 

Master the basic movements so you can safely build on it

Strengthen not only the big muscles but also the small stabilising ones which if left alone often cause injuries

Putting it together ...


After you master the individual bodyweight movements, you will learn how to string them together into a fluid flow

This is where the magic truly happens - agility, strength and movement meets cardio conditioning and endurance

You will be performing versions of the movements that suit you and where your body is at at on any given day

Master the art and science of exercising with an intensity that is challenging in a good way and safe

D46277E3-6506-4967-8AE6-72AB7D72CF1F (1).jpg

Take care of the muscles ...


Stretching is vital because tight muscles don't perform well and often get injured

You will learn how to 'pay back'  your muscles for all the hard work by stretching them

We will stretch every muscle you worked during your session so they always work perfectly

I will teach you how to stretch safely without the risk of pulling and damaging your muscles.




How will I run and structure

60 minutes of live coaching

The masterclass will be run live on Streamyard (similar to Zoom). I will be coaching many versions of each exercise to suit ALL levels of skill and ability. If you have any existing injuries, we can work around it. 

I will help you with technique, form or any modifications you may need.

No equipment is needed, only a yoga mat if you would find it more comfortable. We will take breaks. 

Live Q & A

You will be able to ask questions throughout the whole Masterclass. I will also open the floor at the end to any additional questions you might have after the coaching and learning finished.

If you cannot be at the live class, you can email me your questions after you watched the recording. 

Recording of the Masterclass

The Masterclass will be recorded and I will send the recording to everyone registered within 24 hours.

As I mentioned, if you have any questions, you can send them to me via email within 7 days after the Masterclass.

The recording of the Masterclass will be available for 1 month.

As a middle aged, peri menopausal woman, I felt my body was working against me. I needed help but I dislike gyms. After Jana's program, I'm now feeling stronger, my body is lighter to move and moves with more ease. It’s now part of what I do each day.”



I liked exercising at home without the worry of flooding in public when I have my heavy peri-menopause periods. But with the safe knowledge that I was still getting a good and safe workout. 


are your ready to get strong, fit, ooze confidence, reconnect with your body and feel amazing?

  • How will the program be delivered?
    After you go through the check out page, you will instantly be emailed a link to my Kajabi online portal where all of the videos are uploaded. You will get a life-time access to all of this training. Kajabi also has an app so all the content is accessible on any device. You will have access to 21 pre-recorded videos with detailed coaching instructions.
  • What equipment do I need? And how much space?
    All you need is your beautiful body and a space the size of a yoga mat. Nothing else! All movements in the UNSTOPPABLE program are bodyweight meaning no need for fancy equipment and learning to work with new fitness tools. Bodyweight exercises are potent and will get you fit in a functional way, mimicking every day movements and getting you strong for life.
  • Who is this program for?
    This program is for you if you want to be strong, toned, have good mobility and flexibility, oodles of energy and confidence in your body so that you can confidently navigate ageing and menopause. This is for you if you want to avoid and prevent the aches, pains, injuries and functional and cognitive decline that often comes with ageing. This is for you if you desire to have a life-long daily exercise habit so you can live your life to the fullest, regardless of your age. But most importantly, this program is for women who are ready to invest in themselves, their health and well-being and their future so they can live their best lives regardless of their age.
  • What makes you the right coach for me?
    I'm thrilled you asked! I have been coaching for almost a decade. My youngest client was 14 and the oldest 72! I have coached a huge range of women (and men) from professional athletes to stay at home mums, women post surgeries and with many medical and health conditions. In the recent years I have started really specialising in coaching women between 45-65 (but if you are older or younger, know that I can help you too). I find that women of this age are often misunderstood and ignored by health & fitness professionals who often have no clue how to effectively coach while talking into account the unique physiological, psychological and emotional needs of women as they are moving through peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. I hold a number of prestigious fitness certifications and I closely follow the latest science and research on health & fitness. And remember, I also live in a peri-menopausal body (I'm 46 now)!
  • I struggle with motivation, how am I going to stick with it?
    If you have given up on exercise in the past, you are in the right place. It takes 21 days to form a new habit which means that at the end of the program, exercise will be a firm part of your life. You will feel amazing, you will be bursting with energy and this addictive feeling will propel you to keep going. You also know that the alternative to not being strong is a life full of pain, injuries, fractures and loss of independence.
  • Will you help me learn the movements safely? I'm worried I will do it wrong, and hurt myself.
    This is a very valid concern especially if you have some bad experience with injuries while exercising. The training videos contain extensive coaching instructions and also several versions of each movement to suit any level of skill and ability. You will be able to choose the perfect version of each movement to safely challenge yourself, not too little so you don't get stronger but not too much to cause an injury, exhaustion or severe muscle soreness. My goal is for you to feel amazing, energised and super confident after each session and for you to notice gradual but significant improvements in your strength and mobility. We will also catch up every fortnight on coaching calls, or inside the exclusive Facebook group, where you can ask to have your form and technique checked. I'm more than happy to review videos of you exercising and offer my coaching expertise to help you with any movement you might struggle with. My number one priority is that you get incredible results without injuring yourself.
  • I'm super busy; how much time will I need for this program?
    To achieve the best results possible, you need to set aside between 10-20 minutes a day plus time for the coaching calls. The idea behind this program is to get you moving just a little each day. As with anything, the more you put it, the bigger and better the results. If you think this time commitment is too much, the issue is about your priorities. I would encourage you to think about your WHY - why are you doing this program, what will your life be like if you are strong, pain and injury free and have unwavering confidence in your body versus what reality you might be living in if your body is declining rapidly with age. Motivation is a myth, no one has it all the time. Habits, commitment and dedication are what will help you get through the days when you don't feel like moving. Believe me when I tell you that the benefits of daily exercise will reach into every aspect of your life and it is so worth putting the time in.
  • I am very active and do lots of other sport
    That is fantastic! This program is absolutely ideal as a complementary training to the sport or physical activity you love. It will help you with strength, power, agility, stability, mobility and flexibility which will translate to better performance and drastically reduced rate of injuries. Having your body optimally conditioned for your favourite sport will allow you to do it for the rest of your life. I don't want you to be the person who says "I used to ..." There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't enjoy being super active well into your golden years.
  • How quickly will I see results?
    If you commit to a daily movement practice, you will notice a difference within a few days. Not only physical changes like more strength, better range of movement and less aches but also changes in your mood, energy and mental well-being. You will feel pretty damn good about yourself, ooze confidence and know that you are setting yourself up for a great future where you will absolutely thrive. The powerful blend of mobility, flows and strength exercise will positively influence every area of your life. Not only the performance in your favourite sport or physical activity but also in the ordinary daily activities like walking down the stairs, Getting up off the floor and doing up your bra. You will also learn all about the art and science of weaving exercise intensity, mixing up gentle days with days when you can push a little. This is super important because exercise that is too intense will put a huge stress on your body and could unbalance your hormones. I want you to always feel energised after your training.
  • What if i'm unfit, injured or already suffering from osteopenia, osteoporosis, arthritis, sarcopenia and other conditions?
    The UNSTOPPABLE program is designed to meet you and your body where you are at right now. Because you chose to have private coaching option, I will personally ensure that you get life-changing results while being completely safe. I will coach many variations of each movement so that you can find the perfect version that challenges you just right. Once you get fitter, stronger and have better mobility, you can choose a more complex version of the movement. Research has proven that you can reverse conditions like osteoporosis with safely challenging, load bearing exercise. With conditions like arthritis, it is crucial that you keep moving otherwise you will loose the mobility and functionality in your body for good. If you are suffering from any medical or health conditions, it would be wise to consult your medical or health practitioner about starting the program and to get a green light. If you wish to chat to me further about this program is right for you, please reach out on


are your ready to get strong, fit, ooze confidence, reconnect with your body and feel amazing?

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