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How many classes should/could I do?


I recommend a minimum of two per week to see positive changes. Three classes per week is, in my opinion, an optimal number to really see the benefits of the conditioning. You could come everyday, as long as you manage the intensity of the workouts (with my guidance), you will recover.

How long will the TACFIT class take?

The class takes 45 minutes, 10 minutes of mobility warm up, 20 minutes of safely intense, circuit based exercise followed by compensatory movements and stretching.

I have never exercised before/ I haven't exercised in a long time.

TACFIT exercises and movements have many regressions and progressions. This means that even with varying levels of fitness and competence, everyone can have a safe and efficient workout.

I have injuries/aches and pains/tight spots/limited range of motion.

TACFIT focuses on mobility, restoring the full range of motion in the joints and pre-rehabilitation (preventing injury). All movements can be scaled and adjusted to accommodate your limitations. 

I feel stressed and tired.

TACFIT system promotes and encourages you to exercise within safe zones of stress by monitoring heart rates, physical responses and recovery. Exercise is a good stress but our nervous system doesn't  recognize it as such, it is just another layer of stress. I monitor my clients' stress levels carefully and measure their heart rates during and after workouts to ensure they do not exceed their optimal stress zones and recover fully in the shortest amount of time. 

Will TACFIT work as a complimentary conditioning to my other activities or sports? 

Definitely. TACFIT conditions strength, endurance, functional power, agility, mobility and restoration of the full range of motion  in all joints. The system utilizes six different timers to increase all types of metabolic conditioning.

How do I book into the classes?

I use a software called Influx which allows you to book into classes. Once I set up your account, you can start booking.

How do I pay for the Tacfit classes?

By either memberships which are weekly/fortnightly/monthly continuous payments or passes which are a set number of classes with expiry date.  These payments are processed by Influx also. 'TThisT

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