Utilising TACFIT, the world's smartest workout (Men's Health Magazine) to increase your strength, functional power, stamina, agility and mobility while remaining within optimal stress zones. Avoid overtraining, over exertion and injury and experience optimal recovery and growth. 


  • Save time with short EFFECTIVE workouts.

  • Increase your strength, functional power, stamina, agility and mobility.

  • Experience optimal recovery and growth.

  • Feel more energy and vitality. 

  • Avoid overtraining, over exertion and injuries.


Private Coaching

Private one on one session specifically tailored to your goals, skills and abilities.
Every session includes a comprehensive mobility warm up and a thorough cool down/stretch.
$70 per session (45-60 minutes)

Small Group Classes

45 minute class - 20 minutes of safely intense interval training sandwiched between a thorough mobility warm up at the beginning and a cool down/stretch at the end.
Using a scaling system of progressing and regressing movements, these classes are suitable to any skill level and ability.

Pass of 10 classes $250 (expires in 12 weeks)
1 class per week $25 (per week)
2 classes per week $48 (per week)
3 classes per week $67.50

You can combine CLASSES and PRIVATE COACHING into packages


 2 private sessions + 1 class 

$155 per week


1 private session + 2 classes. $100 per week


1 private session + 1 class. $85 per week


2 express sessions, each 30 minutes long. $90 per week


You will also be eligible for a small membership from ENDORPHINZ FITNESS CLUB where I operate my services.

Lifestyle Program

for women

6 week comprehensive package for women who wish to get stronger, fitter and healthier.
As women age, the hormonal changes will often cause significant side effects. Women experience weight gain, sleep disturbances, mood swings, lack of mojo and energy, feeling stuck but also physiological changes in muscle mass and bone density. Exercise and nutrition has to be adjusted to lessen these effects. This programme has been designed specifically to counter these.

Programme includes :
Personal check-ins at week 0, 2, 4 and 6
Personal scheduling session
1 private coaching session a week
Unlimited group classes per week
Nutritial and food plans (fully individualised)
Weekly at home mobility exercises
24/7 support
On-line option available
Pricing: $147 per week

Training with Jana has been an invaluable experience. It has enabled me to progress my body awareness and fitness to the next level. I have seen significant gains in my other forms of training as a direct result of working with Jana and it has enabled me to perform moves I could not do before. I would highly recommend Jana to anyone, male or female, strong or weak, fit or beginner.

Dan, 32

Jana certainly knows how to plan the perfect workout for my personal goals and well-being. She is attentive, full of energy and keeps me motivated ... I have 100% more strength in my core which has put to rest any back pain I used to get ...I highly recommend these classes to anyone wanting to get fit, loose some pounds and have some fun!

Rich, 48


It is rare to find an exercise program that has you looking forward to the next workout ... TacFit program has allowed me to reach my goals, all the while functioning at my best in day to day life.

Donna, 40

Tacfit with Jana has been the best fitness class for me ... and the most rewarding. Tacfit has toned, strengthened and energised me beyond my expectations ... and helped me recover from having a fractured tailbone by building my core strength.


The training sessions I design and deliver have the following benefits


Guaranteed Results

TACFIT system has science behind it. You will get results without overtraining and staying within safe stress zones. 


Injury Prevention

Focusing on mobility and flexibility will get your joints and connective tissue moving well, reducing the risk of injury.



You will start with basic movements and safely and gradually build up load   and complexity.


No prerequisite

The unique scaling system of progressions and regressions of each movement means anyone can have a great and safe workout.



20 mins of safely intense exercise is all you need! The classes and private sessions are 45 mins, including warm up and stretch at the end.


Coaching support

I supervise all clients at all times, even in group settings. My focus is always on perfect form and making sure you are training within your safe stress zones.


What is TACFIT?

TACFIT was originally developed for the tactical community; firefighters, the police, military and special forces. However, it's unique application and scaling means this system can be used by anyone. Develop functional strength, stamina, endurance, agility and restore joint functionality and mobility.


When you work with me, you will learn to move these amazing functional tools.



Strength training for the modern caveman 


Clubbell training offers a potent workout that combines strength with cardio for maximum benefits.


Club swinging will not only strengthen muscles and ligaments but also improve joint flexibility and range of motion. Increase strength and stability in core, shoulders, arms and wrists, develop body co-ordination and prevent injuries



Strength training for the modern caveman

Originating in Russia, the kettlebell is a centuries-old training tool.

Developing strength (especially in core), power, joint stability and flexibility, metabolic conditioning through multi-muscle movements like the deadlift, swing, clean and press.


TACFIT also uses amazing bodyweight movements, medicine balls, plyo boxes, gymnastic rings and parallette bars.


Yu will never get bored!